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Titanium rod filter

Mar 20, 2017

The titanium rod filter is made of titanium powder sintered filter core, which is usually used for rough filtration or intermediate filtration. The filter element has the advantages of high precision, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, etc., and is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. The shell material is 316L or 304 stainless steel. Meet GMP standards. This filter uses 316L stainless steel shell, the internal filter for titanium tube, with a light texture, high temperature, high pressure, strong acid, strong alkali, corrosion resistance, filter can be regenerated and other characteristics, adopt the method of powder metallurgy titanium metal powder was made by high temperature sintering processing method of hollow tube, solid separation it widely used in food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industries such as liquid filtration, decarburization in the pharmaceutical industry is especially suitable for large infusion and injection production line. This series of products with compact structure, beautiful appearance, according to GMP standard production, pipe fittings using international standard quick installation type connection, disassembly and assembly, cleaning convenience. Use is to pay attention to the following:


1. Avoiding scratches, collisions, dust and oil stains.


2. In process of using, the work pressure should not exceed the rated work pressure.


3. In normal use, at least 3 - 5 minutes of low voltage start time, the relative pressure difference should be controlled below 0.5Mpa, and then the work pressure gradually transferred to normal needs (maximum pressure is not more than 0.4Mpa).


4. After the operation of the product to a certain period, may be due to clogged filter components, resulting in increased pressure, flow reduction, the need for recoil or backwash regeneration. The regeneration cycle depends on the rated pressure and flow.

Cleaning method: titanium filter in use after a period of time, will have a certain degree of congestion, performance flow reduction, filter tip pressure increased, such as the following: from 0.22mPa increased to more than 0.3mPa, then we must clean the filter, cleaning methods generally have the following:


1. For the new filter cartridge, the general use of water recoil, gas reverse blowing method for cleaning, that is slightly larger than the work pressure (such as 0.3mPa) of clean water reverse direction water injection cleaning. The recoil time is about 1~3 minutes.


2. For many times after backwashing, the filter effect is not obvious, when the recovery can be 5% or less hydrochloric acid solution, or less than 8% sulfuric acid solution, or less than 10% NaoH solution at room temperature immersion, and then washed with water.

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