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Titanium plate widely used in electroplating industry

May 11, 2018

Anode titanium baskets for electroplating baths, such as copper cylinders, nickel cylinders, tin cylinders using tin balls (surface rhodium plating, rhodium plating); gold cylinder insoluble anodes (plated platinum, rhodium or rhodium plating); heating tubes/ (sometimes also into a hot pen); cooling tubes, and the casing of some devices! Titanium is a precious metal. Titanium and titanium alloy plates are widely used in electroplating production of circuit boards. They have excellent mechanical properties and excellent specific strength (strength/density ratio). Titanium alloys also have superior performance; titanium The mechanical properties of the alloy are affected by the following factors: type of alloy, addition amount and proportion, processing method, processing amount, heat treatment conditions before use, and the like. Titanium baths, for example, are mainly composed of a black/browning inner layer of a multi-layered titanium plate. Slurry is found in the multi-layered slabs except for the rubber slag. In addition to the rubber bath (sometimes a chemical copper alkaline degreasing bath is also suitable, stainless steel 316 is often used.

Titanium also has the following major advantages:

one. High temperature characteristics:

At high temperature, tensile strength and anti-latency performance are excellent. Titanium is up to 300 degrees. Titanium alloy still has stable strength at 500 degrees.

II. Low temperature characteristics:

At absolute zero degree, no embrittlement occurs, and still has good fatigue strength and fracture toughness;

three. Fatigue toughness:

However, there is a significant decrease in fatigue strength in areas affected by heat after welding.

IV. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance:

The corrosion resistance of titanium depends on the stable oxide film on its surface

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