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Titanium plate metallurgical skills suitable for automotive industry

Sep 01, 2016

Titanium plate has the advantages of small density, high specific strength and corrosion resistance. It has great potential for use in the automotive industry. The use of titanium and titanium alloy in the car, can reach the saving, decreased engine noise and oscillation, the effect of his progress.However, for a long time with the car was always steel and Al data the Ti material to enter the automotive market, in addition to functional advantages of itself, must be further reduced the cost to the automotive industry to acceptable level.


Ti titanium plate parts used in automobile industry are a promising field, but they are restricted by capital and other factors. The choice of the leading titanium plate metallurgical preparation skills Ti titanium metallurgy parts, can not only greatly reduced the cost, but also contribute to Ti and its alloy in automobile industry is carried out, which become the aerospace industry and a large scope of application.The development of low cost titanium and its alloy titanium plate can provide low cost material for automobile titanium, titanium plate and metallurgical parts. From the existing skills, the most suitable for the automotive industry are the main sponge Ti powder method, hydrogenation dehydrogenation and metal hydride recovery method.


1. Sponge Ti powder method. This is a way to the satisfaction of the automobile industry needs titanium plate in the capital, the primary use of the traditional production process and sponge Ti residue, its broken; the titanium plates are often relatively rough, and rich in Cl element. The United States Huachang company selected by gas phase TiCl4 and Mg tubular furnace steam successive introduction of 850 DEG C, agile formation of fine powder and Ti powder and MgCl2 MgCl2, but this is parting difficult, and high content of O; Japan created a spray reaction method, the gas is injected into the liquid Mg, the the reaction of particles, experiments show that, every 100 grams and 400 grams of Mg TiCl4 can be prepared by particle size of dozens of micron Ti powder is about 100 grams, power production progress 2 times, the cost decreased by 50%, and can be used as the material of Ti titanium plate metallurgical products.


2. Hydrogenation dehydrogenation. This way because of its wide planning, titanium plate size and low cost, the material demand is not harsh, technology is easy to complete, through years of improvement and implementation, the current has become the main method for preparing Ti powder at home and abroad. However, the titanium plates prepared by this method tend to have high content of O, N and so on. Northwest Nonferrous Metal Research Institute Chinese used hydrogenation Dehydrogenation Technology to ingot was prepared by hydrogenation and dehydrogenation, low O, N, high quality titanium plate Cl, with outstanding features, the current has been able to produce titanium content of O is less than 0.20%, and has completed batch production, is expected to automobile with titanium titanium plate in metallurgy parts supply stable. Toho titanium company using technology for improved preparation of size less than 150 microns, the content of O is less than 0.15% Ti powder; based on research, Toho company invested one billion yen to create an annual output of 30 tons of hydrogenation and dehydrogenation process Ti powder production line.


3.Metal hydride recovery method. TiCl4 can be recovered by hydrogen at 3500 DEG C and TiO2 can recover at 1800 C over carbon. To reduce the reaction temperature, scientists in the former Soviet Union proposed using CaH2 to restore TiO2 and TiCl4, which can be carried out at 1100~1200 degrees C, the reaction generated TiH2, and then removed H to obtain Ti powder. Because this method does not participate in the reaction of Cl elements, it is possible to obtain titanium sheets with very low Cl content. It is said that its cost is only 1/3 of the traditional hydrogenation dehydrogenation process. Now it has the level of planning and production (Baoji Li Hua nonferrous metal). Although this approach has high content of H produced Ti powder, but according to reports, a few H is beneficial to sintering titanium plate and improved microstructure, and can be completely removed in vacuum sintering and annealing process in.

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