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Titanium comb

Jul 31, 2017

Titanium is the most healthy metal, it does not take static, the use of titanium comb can effectively prevent static electricity, protect hair, reduce static damage to the baby's hair. Long term use of titanium comb hair, more can remove crumbs, hair care, clear inflammation, cooling blood, improve hair quality, relieve pain, relieve itching, relieve tendons and blood circulation, promote hair growth. The more hair quality difference, the more consistent with the hair, there will be magical effect.

Through the history of the comb from hair, to witness the fate of people gather. Comb and civilization, is small things and big concepts of chess, so small things will have profound significance, the big concept also has settled the field. Thus showing a sensitive and touching historical scene, the evolution of human civilization. First concentric, to comb for the ceremony. In ancient times of China, sent a comb has private life, want to said of a couple.

Not only that, combs can also be presented as gifts to friends. The comb is used every day, life is subtle and considerate and caring, send comb is to send warmth; smooth hair comb, also called SHUNFA, send comb smooth, satisfactory, rich moral wishes and developed.

Made of high quality titanium as raw material, we have made our titanium comb through complicated process design and processing, as well as special physical and chemical treatment. It has all the advantages of third metal titanium, light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, aging, bright colors and so on. Especially because of the small proportion of titanium, the use of titanium comb will feel very relaxed, easy. Not only that, the titanium comb shape handsome and unique personality, whether it is gifts to friends and family, or home use, titanium comb is your best choice.

Titanium comb2.jpgTitanium comb.jpg

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