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Titanium alloy bar: Lack of it plane not far

May 08, 2018

Because titanium rods and titanium alloys have low density, high strength, and excellent resistance to high and low temperatures, titanium and titanium alloys are indispensable structural materials for the military industry. The reason why the US F-22 fighter can perform supersonic cruising for a long time is that the key is to reduce the weight of the body while ensuring its own strength. Only a light and strong titanium alloy can meet this requirement. Lack of titanium, advanced fighter aircraft are also not far.

In the navy, titanium alloys can help submarines deep into the sea without being squeezed by strong water pressure. For example, the Russian "Serra" class nuclear submarine, entirely made of titanium alloy, can dive to a depth of 600 meters, making Western submarines daunting. Of course, it is also expensive due to the large-scale use of titanium alloys and is called "goldfish." In addition, titanium is non-magnetic, and warships made of titanium alloy are effective against magnetic mines and are highly resistant to corrosion.

John Pike, head of the US Global Security Center, said that in the next 10 years, the shortage of titanium alloys will become an important factor restricting the development of high-tech weapons in the world. This will be another "material crisis" since the steel shortage in World War II. .

Looking around the world, there are two complete systems of titanium mines - metallurgy - processing - titanium equipment manufacturing, as well as scientific research - design - application, only the United States, Russia, Japan and China. The United States and Japan are known for their titanium processing technology, while China and Russia have relatively rich mineral resources.

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