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The purpose of using titanium coatings for stamping

Mar 22, 2016

Titanium plate forming process and other materials should be similar, forming on the surface of wool, pre, some parts of the mold are necessary coating and lubrication to reduce friction, Liu, parts and tools of reducing scratch, improve product quality, extend tool life. Especially in hot forming, the coating can not only alleviate the serious friction between parts and moulds at high temperature, but also protect the surface of parts, avoiding and reducing the effect of oxidation.

To sum up, the purpose of using coating in titanium plate stamping is to:

1. improve the surface quality of parts;

2. Protect titanium parts from oxidation;

3. Reduce the pressure required for forming;

4. Extend the life of the die;

5. Control the flow of material in the course of deformation.

Coatings shall generally have the following properties:

1. good corrosion resistance, does not contain harmful ingredients, will not cause pollution to the material;

2. a certain degree of cohesiveness, easy to re coating;

3. enough strength, the use of coating is not susceptible to damage;

4. good lubrication performance;

5. easy to remove;

6. harmless to the health of the operator;

7. low cost.

The coatings used in forming can be divided into two categories according to the conditions of use, namely, room temperature forming (Leng Chengxing) coatings and coatings for high temperature forming.

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