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The main technical specification of titanium cladding plate

Jun 08, 2017

 1. The product composition of titanium cladding plate, is also known as titanium composite plate of the upper 0.3mm thick titanium plate, the bottom panel is 0.3mm thick stainless steel plate, the middle of the combustible composite core layer (PE and ore non-combustible material Material composite material), the total thickness of 4mm, fire in line with national standard B / B1 level. The surface of the titanium plate is covered with a peelable protective film. This film has been tested and exposed to outdoor tests for up to six months under local conditions without loss of original flaking properties and no stains and other damage.


2. The surface properties of titanium metal 0.3mm thick titanium plate, the metal surface treatment should be ND20, can control the color change, titanium content of not less than 99.5%. Tensile strength of not less than 270N / mm2, yield stress of not less than 165 N / mm2, elastic modulus of 10850kg / mm2. Bottom layer surface material: 0.3mm thick stainless steel plate (SUS430 grade stainless steel).


3. Product dimensions and tolerances (1) Thickness: 4mm (2) Plate size: Width: 1000 / 1219mm Length: 1800-5000mm (3) Product tolerance: Width: ± 2.00 mm Length: ± 4.00 mm Thickness: ± 0.2 mm Arc size: length or (and) width of the highest 0.5% rectangular: the highest 5.0 mm.


4. titanium composite panel main performance (1) physical properties

A) Specific gravity: 2.3

B) Weight: round 9.3kg/m2 

C) Thermal expansion (ASTM D696): 10.4 × 10-6 ℃

D) Thermal Conductivity (ASTM Calculated): 0.40 W / (mK)

E) Deformation Temperature (ISO 75-2) : 112 ° C

(2) Mechanical properties:

A) 180 Degree Peel strength: not less than 4.9 N / mm2 

B) Flexural modulus E (ASTM C393): 49 Gpa.kN/ mm2

C) Tensile strength (ASTM E8): (ASTM E8): 69 Mpa.N / mm2 

D) 2% Yield strength (ASTM E8): (ASTM E8): 60 Mpa.N / mm2 

E) Shear strength (ASTM D732): 48 Mpa.N / mm2

F) Elongation (ASTM E8): 11.1%

G) Acoustic conduction loss (ASTM E413): 25 STC 5, fire resistance fire resistance must meet the following criteria

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