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The future trend of titanium alloys instead of copper alloys in seawater desalination equipment is the future trend

Dec 10, 2014

The global water crisis is becoming more and more serious. Desalination is one of the best methods to solve the freshwater crisis. At present, desalination has been spread all over the world in more than 120 countries and regions, there are more than 1.3 desalination plants worldwide, the daily output of about 35 million tons of water desalination, and at an annual rate of more than 10% in the increase. Desalination has become one of the best ways to solve the problem of water shortage.


At present, the main global desalination methods are multi-stage flash distillation (MSF), low temperature multi effect distillation (LT-MED) and reverse osmosis membrane (RO) three. The three methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the applicable conditions and scope are different. China is mainly using LT-MED and RO two methods, in the next few years, there will be a number of desalination projects launched.


China's desalination in the next 5-10 years will have great room for development. After more than 40 years of research, water desalination technology in China has matured. The cost of equipment has been reduced by 30%-50% compared with that in other countries, and the cost of water per ton has reached the international advanced level. The large-scale application of desalination has a cost advantage, compared with the south to North Water Transfer, the cost of water per ton is lower. The state has adopted a series of encouraging policies, and the scale of desalination will be 5 times that in the next 10 years.


The future trend of titanium alloys instead of copper alloys in seawater desalination equipment is the future trend. The wide range of advantages of titanium material determines the wide application space in the field of seawater desalination pipeline. It is estimated that the demand of titanium for desalination in China will be about 9500-23520 tons in the next ten years, about 140.63-281.25 tons worldwide. Although the initial domestic demand is not large, but domestic demand only accounts for 1.6% of the total international demand, it can be said that the overall development of space is very large.

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