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The application of titanium steel composite plate in the vacuum salt

Jul 05, 2017

Since the end of eighteenth Century with the discovery of element titanium, titanium performance, smelting, industrial production, processing and manufacturing of continuous research and practice, this century at the end of 50s in the foreign industrial field is widely used, has become a kind of metal material emerging and promising. It is considered to be the fourth metal after copper, iron and aluminium, which is widely used by man. Because the titanium and its alloy has excellent corrosion resistance, good mechanical properties, high strength, the liquid infiltration is very small, can resist fluid erosion, so in the application of military and civil industry has been more and more widely. China is one of the most abundant countries of titanium resources in the world, which provides a broad prospect for the application of titanium.


Titanium was first used in military industry in China, and gradually applied to civil industrial sector in 70s. In the salt industry, salt production started late in a large scale and reached its climax in the early 70s. With the continuous establishment and production of vacuum salt making factories, the severe corrosion of high temperature concentrated brine to the carbon equipment for vacuum salt making has directly affected the exertion of equipment capacity and the normal operation of production. The equipment corrosion caused by frequent maintenance, a large number of Paomaodilou, has become an urgent task and key production technology. The proper selection of corrosion resistant materials suitable for salt making industry has also been urgently put on the agenda


Titanium and its alloys have excellent corrosion resistance to seawater and chloride, as well as fluid erosion. With the understanding of the properties and applications of titanium deepened, especially after 1972 in the national promotion of civilian titanium has adopted a series of lower prices, including titanium and titanium alloy, also gradually applied in the vacuum salt making industry.


It has been proved by experiment that the titanium surface is smooth and resistant to corrosion, and it has good effect in preventing salt fouling on evaporating tank wall and prolonging washing tank cycle.


Titanium and its alloys have good corrosion resistance in black halogen vacuum medium. The engineering design of vacuum salt, evaporation tank II, III and IV effect evaporation chamber is used for the first time in the structure of titanium clad steel plate, heat pipe has been used well, tube fouling phenomenon is obviously reduced. After years of operation, room evaporation of titanium clad steel plate manufacturing, to reduce the corrosion and scaling salt, extend the production cycle, improve the quality of salt had a good effect. Vacuum salt industry has become one of the major use of titanium and titanium steel composite plate.

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