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The application of titanium in computer field

Jun 30, 2017

Because titanium has the advantages of light weight, no metal allergy, recycling and other excellent properties, so the application of titanium in the personal computer, mobile phone and other fields are increasing, is also expected to become a future direction of titanium material sales. The use of titanium on computers is mainly used as computer shells and hard disks.


Compared with the main titanium magnesium metal as a computer shell material, the tensile strength is much higher (mg 44.4GPa, Ti 106.3GPa), the thermal conductivity of titanium (17W/m.K) is only 1/10 Mg (159W/m.K), so as to realize the titanium shell material thin wall at the same time maintain strength, restrain from hardware the heat diffusion, heat from the bottom surface of the. Especially because of the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium surface, the surface coating treatment becomes simpler.


IBM announced in May 2000 that its new ThinkPad laptop shell was made of titanium based composites. ThinkPad computer A series (such as A20p) and T series (such as T20) shell used titanium based composite materials, not only improve the strength and seismic performance of housing, but also make the computer thinner and lighter.


Most of the hard disk disks are made of aluminium alloy, and the glass hard disk appeared recently, because the disc has greater smoothness and higher solidity, and has higher stability at high speed. Titanium alloy with computer hard disk (Ti-3Al-2.5V) has more advantages than the general Aluminum Alloy and hard glass, such as high strength, can reduce the disc thickness, improve the storage density and speed, high surface smoothness, can reduce the read / write head and disk distance, high storage density; titanium disc also has the damage characteristics of high surface hardness and high tolerance limit.


At present, by the United States Timet company invested $5 million to build a titanium plate internal organization, 1998 has a small scale in the computer on the driving part for new development, hard disk with titanium will give Timet bring great benefits. Currently on the market more commonly used titanium disk specifications: diameter 95mm; thickness of 0.635mm (or 0.8mm 14700MPa); surface hardness; modulus 660GPa; maximum working temperature of 700 DEG C; flatness is less than 10 m; the roughness of Ra < 0.8nm. The plate adopts production technology for precision cold-rolled titanium or titanium alloy, can be hardened by carburizing plasma or plasma carbon and nitrogen plasma nitriding carbonitriding, the surface of the disk, the disk surface can also be a layer of titanium nitride or boride hard coating spraying.


The market for computer hard disk drives is very large and has developed rapidly. In 1998, the world produced about 450 million discs. It is estimated that hard disk production is increasing at an annual rate of 10%-15%. With the rapid development of the information industry and fierce competition in the market, titanium is expected to have a better market for computers.

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