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Technological process of cold rolled seamless titanium plate and hot rolled seamless titanium tube

Dec 10, 2015

Pull the titanium plate for hot rolled titanium tube for the material, remove the oxide skin by pickling after cold rolling, and the products are hard roll, cold deformation caused by successive cold hardening the volume rolling hard strength, hardness and toughness increase decrease, so the stamping performance will deteriorate, can only be used for simple deformation of parts. The hard rolling rolls can be used as material for hot galvanizing plants, because the hot galvanizing units are set back. The roll weight is usually 6~13.5 tons and the inner diameter of the titanium tube is 610mm. Generally, cold rolled plate and roll should be annealed by successive annealing (CAPL unit) or bell type furnace to eliminate cold work hardening and rolling stress, and reach the mechanical target of corresponding standard rules.

The surface quality, appearance and scale accuracy of cold rolled titanium plate are better than those of hot rolled plate, and the thickness of the product is thin to about 0.18mm, so it is popular with the broad masses of users. The cold rolling titanium tube is used as the base plate, and the deep processing of the product becomes a high added value product. Such as galvanized, hot galvanized, fingerprint resistant zinc plating, color coated titanium coil and vibration damping composite titanium plate, PVC coated titanium plate, etc., so that these products with beautiful, high corrosion resistance and other excellent quality, has been widely used. It is necessary to finish the finishing of the cold rolled titanium tube, including cutting head, tail, trimming, leveling, flattening, rewinding, or slitting. Cold rolled products are widely used in automobile production, household electrical appliances, exterior switches, construction, work, furniture and other occupations. Each package component of titanium plate after packing 3~5 tons. Flat volume is usually 3~10 tons / volume weight. Titanium tube bore 610mm.

With the continuous casting slab or as material of titanium steel plate, after reheating furnace heating, descaling into the roughing mill of high pressure water, roughing material by cutting head, tail, and then enter the finishing mill, the implementation of computer controlled rolling, after finishing the laminar cooling and coiler, become straight hair volume. Hair straightenerrollhead, tail tongue shapeand thefishtail shape, thickness, width of poor accuracy, edgehaswavy, folding, pyramid etc.. The coil weight is heavy, and the inner diameter of the titanium tube is 760mm. (usually employed by the management profession. Thestraightthroughcutting) cutting head, tail cutting, trimming and multipass straightening, flat finishing line after disposal, then cutting board or heavy volume, which becomes hot: titanium plate, titanium tube, hot rolled flat slittingstripand other products. Hot finishing rolling by pickling to remove the oxide and oil is made by pickling hot-rolled coils. The product has a tendency to partially replace cold rolled sheets at moderate prices and is well liked by the vast numbers of users.

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