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Technological points of titanium tube welding

Jan 26, 2015

Titanium tube has higher strength, good plasticity, toughness and corrosion resistance. It has been widely used in aerospace, shipbuilding and chemical industry. In order to make better use of titanium tube, it is necessary to master its weldability. This paper mainly expounds the welding process of titanium tube, which provides a useful reference for the welding of titanium tube.

1. Welding material:

Welding wire: ERTi - 2; Welding method: GTAW (manual tungsten arc welding); Protection gas: use purity of 99.995%, water content should not be greater than 50Mg%m3 argon, welding pool and welding joint internal and external surface temperature above 400 degrees Celsius area are argon shielded.

2. Preparation before welding:

A: Groove machining

After the titanium tube is cut, the groove is polished with an alumina sand grinder, and the groove is not allowed to overheat and discolor the base material.

B: Groove and wire cleaning

The inner and outer surfaces of the bevel and its sides are cleaned inside 50mm, and the cleaning procedure is as follows:

Sander, sandpaper polishing wheel, acetone cleaning.

After cleaning, the welding operation can not be carried out directly, and the end face of the groove can be dried before it can be operated. If placed more than 2 hours, you must clean it again, or use self-adhesive tape and plastic sheeting to protect the groove.

The welding wire is also cleaned with acetone sponge and stored in a special wire box.

The operator must wear clean gloves during welding.

3. Welding procedure specification

A: Welding should be in the range of qualified process parameters, the use of small line of energy welding, general control in 6~35KJ/cm, should use small current, slow welding.

B: The interlayer temperature shall not be higher than 200 DEG C, so as to prevent the growth of grain when the temperature is too long.

C: In order to protect the surface after breaking arc at the arc, welding temperature should be below 300 DEG C, (the time can be extended according to the diameter increased at 15~60s, and then stop gas protection).

D: During welding, the filler wire shall always be protected by argon. After welding, the welding wire shall not be exposed to the atmosphere immediately, and shall be taken out of the weld line when it is out of protection. If the welding wire is polluted and oxidized, the contaminated parts should be removed.

E: In addition to special requirements, each weld should be welded continuously. If it is forced to be interrupted for some reason, it must be checked again before welding.

F: If the welding operation accidentally appeared with tungsten, tungsten welding operation shall be stopped, remove with polishing machine, tungsten grade end re grinding, meet the requirements before re welding operation.

The technological points mentioned above ensure the normal welding of titanium tubes, and also meet the welding quality requirements of titanium tubes.


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