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Prospects for Manufacturing Technology of Titanium and Titanium Alloys

Jul 20, 2015

Due to the high cost of titanium alloy manufacturing, in order to make it low cost, at a relatively low price to increase the titanium alloy in the metal market is the competitiveness. It is generally believed that titanium has other materials unparalleled superior performance, but the price of titanium often make consumers (especially car manufacturers) discouraged, high-quality titanium alloy will help to expand the emergence of titanium and titanium alloy applications.

From the domestic and international application status and the development of titanium processing technology, titanium and titanium alloy plastic processing technology in the future will be the following direction:

 (1) high performance, that is the development of the use for higher temperature, higher than the strength of higher modulus, corrosion resistance and better wear resistance of the alloy.

 (2) multi-functional, that is, the development of various special functions and uses of titanium alloy, such as high damping, low expansion, constant resistance, high resistance, anti-electrolytic passivation and hydrogen storage, shape memory, superconductivity, low modulus Medical and other titanium alloy, so that the application of titanium and titanium to further expand.

 (3) to deepen the study of traditional alloys, through equipment and process improvement, improve the practical performance of existing alloys, expand the use of traditional alloys.

 (4) applying the use of advanced processing technology, processing equipment, large-scale, continuous, the development of continuous processing technology, direct rolling technology, cold forming technology and near net forming technology to improve the titanium alloy production efficiency and product performance.

  (5) low cost, the development of alloys containing little or a bit precious metals, adding iron, oxygen, nitrogen and other cheap elements, the development of easy processing, easy cutting, alloying elements and alloy alloy cheap titanium alloy. The development of the maximum use of residual material of titanium alloy, improve the recovery of waste titanium utilization. This is particularly important for reducing the cost of civilian titanium alloys.

 (6) the use of advanced computer technology is to simulate the workpiece deformation process, predict the evolution of micro-microstructure, and even predict the mechanical properties of the final product (yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and hardness, design or improvement of mold, tooling; Analysis and processing test results, reduce the amount of test, improve work efficiency, reduce development costs.

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