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Production technology of titanium alloy plate

Jan 15, 2018

What is titanium plate?

It is a titanium plate made of titanium metal. Standard: ASTM B265, ASTM F136、ASTM F67、AMS4928. It is made by a series of production procedures, such as hot processing, cold processing, and annealing.

What is the production process in the end?

1, hot forging, casting skills above the metal recrystallization temperature;

2, hot rolling, rolling process under the recrystallization temperature.

3. Cold rolling, the rolling process of the plastic deformation temperature is lower than the recovery temperature.

4, anneal, heat the metal slowly to a certain temperature, adhere to the time, and then cool the speed of a metal heat disposal skill;

5, acid washing, immerse the parts into the aqueous solution, such as sulfuric acid, to remove the oxide and other films of the metal surface. It is the preprocessing or process handling of electroplating, enamel, rolling and other skills.

For pure titanium plate or titanium alloy plate, please forward to:postmaster@tsm-titanium.com.

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