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Origin and characteristics of titanium air conditioning

Aug 24, 2016

Titanium air-conditioning two device using titanium coating, cooling speed is particularly fast, especially power saving, and air conditioning self-cleaning, do not wash;


Air conditioning characteristics of titanium:

1. hydrophilic performance, refrigeration speed:

Aluminum foil is not easy to coagulate water, not blocking the wind road, cooling fast, very power-saving;

The thermal conductivity of the titanium foil is twice as high as that of the ordinary aluminum foil. The heat radiation is fast, the refrigeration is fast, and the electricity is very low;


2. self cleaning:

Always clean the two, do not affect the cooling of air conditioning, to achieve long-term efficiency, titanium, this material is high temperature, corrosion resistance, very solid, within 5 years, performance is not attenuated;


3. self sterilization:

The characteristics of titanium air-conditioning can be sterilized, the bactericidal effect is very good, the evaporator surface will not form a bacterial bed, the use of titanium air-conditioning for 5 or 6 years, there will be no odor.


Titanium air conditioning can really achieve self cleaning, according to the above statement, the condensed water flushing device two attached to the dust and dirt on the surface, all air conditioners are equipped with this feature, they used the ordinary hydrophilic aluminum foil, not bad, on the bed not to remove bacteria, but can not clean off the dirt, the metal titanium itself has the characteristics of their own cleaning, spray on the two above, air conditioner with this function, but TCL has applied for a patent in the world only T CL can use the metal titanium air conditioning, our machine exports, all titanium air conditioning, which is the international market has been recognized by the high-tech products, the Ministry of Commerce on white paper China air conditioning featured titanium air conditioning;


Titanium air conditioning has a characteristic, use 5, 6 years after the cooling effect is still the same and when bought, because titanium coating does not affect the cooling off, the antioxidant capacity of titanium metal itself, not aging, not because of aging occurs after a period of time off, hydrophilic coating ingredients common this material is lipophilic groups, after 1 years will be oxidized to fall off naturally, our brand is such a common air conditioner; before the air conditioner at home just buy refrigeration, but after a period of time of refrigeration is slow, because the hydrophilic coating off, aluminum foil oxidation phenomenon, surface water the formation of fouling bacteria bed, blocking the road caused the wind;


To solve the problem of titanium air conditioning air conditioning use process essentially, through years of market validation, consumer use, has been recognized by the industry, science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, State Taxation Bureau also jointly issued by the national high-tech enterprise certificate, based on TCL titanium air conditioning technology for air conditioning industry to make contribution to encourage the technology innovation, TCL will be applied for a national patent, the State Ministry of Commerce air-conditioning market, the white paper also specially introduced titanium air conditioning;


TCL titanium air conditioning technology content is relatively high, so they are not the product of titanium metal, you can check in the network, the thermal conductivity of titanium is 360K, the heat exchange efficiency is very high, cooling faster, while the ordinary coated aluminum foil is less than 100k, far lower than the titanium air conditioning. Titanium air conditioning to achieve the cooling effect in 5 minutes, this is no ordinary air conditioning, but also great advantages of titanium air conditioning.

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