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New field of GR9 titanium tube

Mar 06, 2018

 Titanium 9 seamless tube is of medium strength and excellent corrosion resistance, which can be used in aerospace and industrial applications. 

 Now it has been widely applied in the bicycle industry. Many bicycle manufacturers began to use this new material as titanium bicycle frame, and the titanium bicycle has also been recognized by the market and the industry. The 9 stage titanium has many unique features. 

The 9 stage titanium can be used at a higher temperature than that of grade 1 to 4, and it has good cold rolling properties. 

Titanium is used for bicycles, which can extend its service life, and it is not easy to deform or fade. It improves experience for customers. For manufacturers, the stability of titanium bicycle saves the cost of upgrading.

 The following is a display of the titanium bicycle frame, which is beautiful and practical.

titanium tubetitanium tube

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