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Installation of titanium pipe and precautions for titanium alloy pipe transportation

Sep 05, 2018

Titanium and titanium alloy pipeline installation of titanium and titanium alloy pipe transport and storage should pay attention not to contact with iron materials, collision.

1. The cutting of titanium and titanium alloy pipe should adopt mechanical method, the cutting speed should be low, the special grinding wheel should be used when cutting or grinding titanium pipe with grinding wheel, and the flame cutting should not be used. The groove should be machined.

2. Inert gas shielded welding or vacuum welding should be used in the welding of titanium and titanium alloy pipes. Oxygen-acetylene welding or carbon dioxide gas shielded welding should not be used, nor ordinary manual arc welding should be used.

3. Titanium and titanium alloy pipes shall not be struck and extruded with ferrous tools and materials; rubber or soft plastic plates shall be padded between carbon steel supports, hangers and titanium and titanium alloy pipes so that they do not come into direct contact with titanium and titanium alloy pipes; and casing shall be installed when titanium and titanium alloy pipes penetrate walls and floors, and the clearance shall not be less than 10m. M, and fill up the insulation, insulation should not contain iron impurities.

4. titanium and titanium alloy pipes should not be directly welded with other metal pipes. When connection is needed, looper flange connections can be used. Non-metallic gaskets used are usually rubber or plastic gaskets, and the chloride content should be controlled not to exceed 25 ppm.

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