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Influence factors of titanium screw in heat treatment process

Aug 15, 2017

In order to ensure the quality and reliability of titanium screws, some problems must be paid attention to in the process of heat treatment of high strength fasteners. Therefore, we must understand the high strength fastener heat treatment process factors.


The factors affecting the heat treatment process of high strength fasteners are the following three points:

1. Device tools:

A: Heat treatment production equipment, more types of tools, and sometimes also use some measuring instruments. Therefore, the operator's demand tools strictly comply with equipment operating procedures, civilized operation, correct and reasonable maintenance.

B: Heat treatment equipment maintenance personnel for routine maintenance and regular maintenance work, and timely equipment improvement and maintenance.

C: Strict implementation of tool station equipment management system, strictly implement the measurement management system, according to the provisions of calibration of measuring instruments, maintenance and identification.

2. Fastener material:

In the process of heat treatment, the material, transportation and inventory of the treated material may be mixed, erroneous materials, loss, corrosion, bump and deformation due to some factors, which will affect the strength of the fastener material. Therefore, in this regard, special attention should be paid to work, material testing, identification and storage.

In addition, heat treatment to produce high-strength fastener materials, if the problem is found, as long as the timely adoption of appropriate technology to repair, or may be a good solution.

3. Process specification:


Heat treatment production technology, theory and practice is very powerful, so there is a suitable heat treatment process, but also more comprehensive operating specifications, to heat treatment, quality control. The heat treatment process of high strength fasteners should be based on specific materials and related equipment, select the appropriate operating parameters of equipment and personnel skills, which requires the heat treatment process of personnel must be familiar with the production site, and continue to confirm the voice of the practice of technology, and continuous improvement.

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