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How can titanium frames be identified?

Nov 28, 2016

Pure titanium frames are becoming more and more popular, with its light weight, corrosion resistance, anti allergic, anti fatigue, high strength, more and more college students, white-collar workers, as the elite fashion consumer choice. With the development and processing of titanium material is increasingly mature, the market has appeared in pure titanium, titanium, titanium and titanium memory clock with metal frames, so how can we identify pure titanium frames?

Here are some simple methods for the identification of pure titanium frames:

1. weigh method.

Usually, the proportion is about 8.9g/cm3 alloy frame, titanium frame accounted for 4.5g/cm3, because the weight is equivalent to half of titanium alloy frame, using his hands to light up. This is one of the simplest ways to distinguish between a titanium frame and a titanium frame.

2. observe the hinge joint. Is there a gasket?

The pure titanium frame should not make the titanium contact with the titanium directly at the hinge position, otherwise it will appear the wrinkling of the joint and the failure of the mirror leg. Usually, two thin shims are inserted at the hinge of the pure titanium mirror to separate the upper and lower hinges. Therefore, it is a good way to check if there are any gaskets on the hinges and to identify whether they are pure titanium frames. Observing the hinge joint from the inside of the frame, a small groove will be found, which is a special design to facilitate the removal of the gasket.

3. observe the welding points of the nose pads and the nose tray

Welding of pure titanium material for anaerobic butt welding, pass "steps" shape; alloy welding materials for welding, welding marks for "slope", which is one of the distinguished titanium frame and non titanium frame, titanium and titanium frame - effective method.

4. use a magnet to make a magnetic reaction.

The frame hinge as far as possible loose, in the free movement of the magnet to attract, such as the mirror legs in the magnet attracted to shake, indicating that this frame is not pure titanium material, and conversely, the frame may be titanium frame.

The above is a simple method to identify pure titanium frames, if we simply judging from the sign frame whether the material is pure titanium is not enough, but also with several methods of comprehensive evaluation, so as to identify the authenticity of pure titanium frame.

In general, pure titanium frames are marked with 100%TITANIUM or PURETITANIUM on mirror legs or lenses; Beta titanium frames are marked with BetaTitanium or beta Titanium, and different manufacturers differ in wording. Because of the needs of customers, a titanium frame, Beta titanium frame and semi titanium frames, semi titanium frame is divided into titanium alloy frames, such as titanium, titanium and other biological memory; titanium combination, namely: combination of pure titanium or titanium frame with a metal, such as titanium for leg, for metal frame, beta for titanium frame, metal for leg; titanium glue combination, namely: combination of pure titanium or titanium frame and sheet or TR materials, such as titanium mirror for leg plate to the frame, for beta titanium frame, TR for leg etc.

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