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Future development of titanium alloy rods

Mar 07, 2018

Since the industrial production of titanium came out, it has received widespread attention. The application of titanium was first started in the military and aviation industries. As early as 1951, the United States used titanium for aircraft. The former Soviet Union and Britain also used titanium in military and aviation fields. 

Titanium was first used in aviation. The aviation market has always been the most important market for titanium, and it still accounts for 50% of the total titanium market in the world. Since the 1970s, the fine performance of titanium has been gradually recognized in the civilian industry, metallurgy, and chemical industry. The use of civilian industries such as electricity and electricity has increased year by year, and usage has also steadily increased.

It is believed that new applications of titanium rods and titanium alloys will be developed and developed from time to time. With the new titanium consumption increasing from time to time, the future development of titanium's new application market is promising.


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