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Function of Titanium shaped part based on pure Titanium

Apr 03, 2015

Pure titanium is a silver-white metal, it has many excellent properties. Titanium density of 4.54g / cm3, 43% lighter than steel, than the prestigious light metal magnesium slightly heavier. Mechanical strength and steel is almost, twice as big as aluminum, five times larger than magnesium. Titanium high temperature, melting point 1942K, nearly 1000K higher than gold, nearly 500K higher than the steel.

Titanium is more active in the chemical properties of the metal. Heating and O2, N2, H2, S and halogen and other non-metallic role. But at room temperature, the titanium surface is easy to produce a layer of very thin dense oxide protective film, can resist strong acid and even the role of aqua regia, showing strong corrosion resistance. Therefore, the general metal in the acid solution becomes riddled and titanium is safe and sound.

Liquid titanium dissolves almost all of the metal, so it can form alloys with a variety of metals. The titanium made of titanium is tough and elastic. Titanium and metal Al, Sb, Be, Cr, Fe, etc. to form interstitial compounds or intermetallic compounds.

Titanium made of aircraft than other metal made of the same heavy aircraft more than 100 passengers. Made submarine, both anti-seawater corrosion, but also anti-deep pressure, the dive depth than the stainless steel submarine increased by 80%. At the same time, titanium non-magnetic, will not be found by the mine, has a very good anti-guard effect.

Titanium has a "biological" nature. In the human body, can resist the secretion of corrosion and non-toxic, for any sterilization methods are adapted. So it is widely used in the system of medical equipment, artificial hip, knee, shoulder joint, joint joints, skull, active heart valve, bone clip. When the new muscle fiber ring wrapped in these "titanium bone", the titanium bone began to maintain the body's normal activities.

Titanium special parts of the titanium in the human body is widely distributed, the normal human body content per 70kg body weight does not exceed 15mg, its role is not clear. But titanium can stimulate phagocytic cells, so that the role of immunity to this effect has been confirmed.

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