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Application of titanium nails and titanium plates in plastic surgery

Mar 29, 2018

Titanium is non-toxic and non-magnetic. The elastic modulus of titanium alloy is similar to the elastic modulus of human bones, and it has good compatibility with the human body. Therefore, it is also called “biometal”. Titanium is also an important constituent member of the memory alloy family. Nitinol is the alloy that was first discovered by people. This alloy can “remember” its own head. When it is deformed by external forces, it is given only the corresponding temperature. Can "re-emerge" and restore the original form. And because it contains titanium, its strength is also high. Therefore, this alloy has become the most widely used memory alloy, and it is still one of the best performing open shape memory alloys. Treating fractures with titanium and titanium screws has unexpected effects. In just a few months, new bones and muscles will be combined with titanium. Therefore, titanium is an ideal human dental implant and artificial joint material.

The tibial plastic surgery mainly includes two concepts: one is a simple tibial osteotomy to reduce the outer contour of the tibia; the other is a three-dimensional osteotomy, and the tibial reduction is achieved through the shortening and movement of the bone mass. Tibial drilling, generally suitable for patients with anterolateral facial protrusion, often with an intraoral incision, the exposed iliac bone under the periosteum, the use of special equipment will be designed to remove the patella part of the preoperative design to thin, so as to reduce Facial outline, improve face shape. The use of titanium nails, titanium plate is fixed in order to not cause the sacrum to slide, resulting in facial contour loss, but also better to achieve the effect of sacral shaping.

The biggest benefit of this procedure is that it leaves no scars after surgery and it is seamless and leaves no trace. The patella three-dimensional osteotomy surgery has greatly increased the difficulty, suitable for patients with zygomatic arch. In addition to intraoral incisions, it is usually necessary to make incisions in concealed areas in the hairline, or to make a coronal incision in the scalp alone. After the subperiosteal separation exposes the entire tibia, the specific size of the bone mass is cut according to the needs of the computer's three-dimensional simulation design. Then use titanium and other special materials to reconnect and shape the separated bone, which can maximize the change of the entire facial contour and shape, and even let the patient achieve "reborn" effect. In addition to fibula reduction surgery, for a small number of patients due to congenital or acquired diseases such as due to tibial dysplasia or defects caused by partial depression in the middle of the face, or bilateral asymmetry of the palate, can be through autologous tissue transplantation or false The body material is filled with sacrum augmentation for the treatment of the ankle to achieve the purpose of improving the appearance.

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