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Application of titanium in the field of Architecture

Jan 18, 2018

In the field of architecture, the application of titanium products includes the exterior of the building, the top, the roof of the house, the sculpture of the city and so on. The construction industry has become the biggest bright spot in the new titanium market. The corrosion problems in many heavily polluted areas, urban and coastal areas have been solved by the excellent corrosion resistance of titanium materials.


The application of pure titanium metal plate in the building materials, because of its good formability, corrosion resistance, beautiful appearance, high grade, high concept, fashion, have more features than copper, aluminum and stainless steel traditional advantages, the more valuable is the only titanium as building material, can achieve 100 years of quality assurance. In general, the application of titanium as a building material is mainly based on the following characteristics:


Excellent corrosion resistance: titanium bar can resist all kinds of environmental pollution, industrial radiation and extreme corrosive atmospheric conditions. Even in coastal zone, acid rain zone and industrial pollution zone, it has excellent corrosion resistance.


Environmental protection and energy saving: titanium sheet is inert and non-toxic, without decomposition, it will not pollute water indirectly because of rain erosion. Titanium can also be recovered by 100% without decreasing grade. Titanium will not pollute the environment and meet the requirements of building environmental protection. So it can be called green environmental material.


Long life: when titanium is used for roof and exterior walls, its initial titanium material cost is higher than that of other metals. The cost of processing and installation is similar to other metals. Titanium corrosion resistance does not require maintenance and maintenance, and remains unchanged for 100 years.


The surface texture and creative: titanium acid pickling with bright silver luster, by other surface processing can also be a variety of different surface morphology, such as mirror, sandblasting, shot peening, embossing, extinction, will make the building more compelling, more creative.

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