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Application of titanium in electric power industry

May 01, 2017

The atomic power station is a new type of energy facility, and the titanium condenser is now being used to improve the operation rate and safety of power plants. A 1100MW atomic power station uses about 150t of titanium, a 1100MW atomic power station with a titanium content of about 150t, and a 600 MW thermal power station with a titanium content of about 60t.


Condensers for fire and nuclear power plants, copper alloy tubes were formerly used. When it is found that the corrosion resistance of titanium is much better than that of copper alloy, titanium and titanium alloys have been used in the cooling tube (including tube plate), and a full titanium condenser has appeared. Large quantities of titanium are used in the condensers, steam turbines, blades and pipes of thermal power plants and nuclear power plants, accounting for more than 20% of the processed materials.


Another important application of titanium in the power industry is the heat exchanger for marine thermal power plants, which is the highest metal utilization equipment. As the total cycle efficiency is low, heat exchangers are often very large, consuming more metals and investing heavily, so titanium is often used. The heat exchanger has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, long service life and less maintenance.


Because of its corrosion resistance and low density, titanium becomes a high quality material for steam turbine blades. The titanium blade can increase the blade length without increasing the stress of the rotor and increase the efficiency of the turbine.


The strength of titanium and titanium alloy tubes can be divided into tensile strength, yield strength, shear strength and compressive strength.


Tensile strength: tensile strength of pure titanium is 265 - 353Mpa. The average titanium alloy is 686 - 1176 Mpa, which is up to 1764 Mpa at present. Titanium alloys are similar in strength to many but are much better than titanium alloys.

Compressive strength: the compressive strength of titanium and titanium alloys is not less than their tensile strength. The compressive yield strength and tensile yield strength of commercial pure titanium are approximately equal, while the compressive strength of Ti-6AL-4V and Ti-5AL-2.5Sn is slightly higher than that of tensile strength.

Shear strength: the shear strength of titanium and titanium alloys is generally 60%--70%. of tensile strength.

Compressive strength: the compressive yield strength of titanium and titanium alloy sheets is about 1.2 - 2 times that of tensile strength.

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