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Application of titanium in chemical industry

Mar 09, 2018

Application of titanium in chemical industry

The industry with the largest amount of titanium used in chemical industry is chlor alkali, accounting for 50%, followed by pure alkali, accounting for 20%, plastic accounts for 17%, organic accounting for 10%, and inorganic accounting for 3%.

In the various chemical equipment with titanium, the heat exchanger is the most, accounting for 52% of the amount of titanium material, next to the anode, accounting for 24%, the container, tube and pump valve 19%, and the other 5%.

Taking chlor alkali as an example, the application of titanium in chemical industry is introduced.

The chlor alkali industry is a chemical industry of producing chlorine and caustic soda by electrolysis of salt water solution. It has a history of a hundred years.

The chlor alkali industry is also the first industry to apply titanium in the chemical industry. Titanium metal anode electrolyzer, ionic membrane electrolyzer, wet chlorine cooler, refined brine preheater, dechlorination tower, chlor alkali cooling scrubber and other titanium equipment have been widely applied in chlor alkali production.

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