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Application advantages and notes of titanium pipe in power station

Jun 18, 2015

Through experiment and application examples have proved that the use of titanium in tube condenser, has great superiority in economy and technology, from the economic point of view, the nuclear power plant in Japan in 1983 of a 1000Mw condenser tubes (about 50 thousand Genning condenser tube) price according to the example, the condenser used for 40 years, the average annual leakage of aluminium brass lO, titanium tube in 40 years without leakage. Here are the three problems that titanium tubes can be used in power plants:

1. corrosion problems

Using seawater as cooling water in coastal power plant condenser. Because the water contains large amounts of sediment and suspended substances, marine organisms and all kinds of corrosive substances in seawater and brackish water in river water alternating the situation is more serious. The conventional corrosion methods for copper, copper and gold pipes are comprehensive corrosion (uniform corrosion), erosion, erosion and stress corrosion. Because titanium has good corrosion resistance, so the titanium tube condenser due to corrosion caused by water leakage accident has been eliminated, but the corrosion resistance of titanium tube, unlike copper alloy tube as a toxic substance on the surface of the titanium tube on the inner wall. It is easy to have the adhesion of marine organisms thus, the effect of heat transfer effect, so there must be corresponding cleaning device.

2. hydrogen absorption problems

Although the titanium surface has a compact passivation film in many strong corrosive medium is very resistant to corrosion, but because the titanium and hydrogen affinity greatly. Very easy to absorb hydrogen. It occurs at normal temperature and at high temperatures. The solid melting limit of hydrogen in titanium is very small, and beyond the limit, the hydride is deposited on the surface of titanium. With the increase of surface TiH2, the impact value and elongation of titanium decrease rapidly [4J. In addition, in the old unit transformation, the tube plate is copper alloy, titanium condenser tube, which requires the use of cathodic protection devices to prevent electrochemical corrosion such as Hitachi power plant condenser using seawater cooling tube and copper alloy plate, the galvanic column with titanium, when the protection potential is lower than 0.75 V when the export of titanium tube end hydrogen, the hydrogen content reached 650ppm a year; if the potential selection of a 0.5 ~ O.75 V at room temperature, titanium hydrogen does not occur".

3. vibration problems

Because the titanium tube has good corrosion resistance. Titanium condenser not because of corrosion and leakage damage. But titanium pipe is probably due to vibration and damage. To avoid the vibration problem in the manufacture of titanium tube, titanium base condenser, it is necessary to determine the baffle spacing adjustment; in the old unit transformation, to examine whether the original clapboard spacing application of titanium tube.

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